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Explore our comprehensive suite of services, including expert bookkeeping for precise records, efficient payroll solutions, and insightful accounting.


Our meticulous bookkeeping ensures every financial detail is accurately recorded. Trust us to maintain a clear financial trail, providing the foundation for informed decisions and regulatory compliance.


Unlock valuable insights with our accounting expertise. From financial statements to analysis, we help you understand your business’s financial health, enabling strategic growth and optimization.

Payroll Services

Effortlessly manage your payroll with us. From timely salary processing to tax calculations, we ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time while you focus on business advancement.

Tax & Financial

Navigating the complexities of tax regulation is a challenge for any business, but with Newport Excellence Bookkeeping & Accounting, you don't have to do it alone.

Book Cleanup

We precisely clean up your financial records, ensuring every transaction is accurately recorded and categorized. This is essential for seeking clarity in finances, facilitating better financial decision-making, and reporting accuracy.


We offer detailed bookkeeping services to keep your financial records in perfect order. By accurately tracking every financial transaction, we understand your financial health better, aiding in strategic planning and operational efficiency.

Inventory Services

We provide full inventory management services, ensuring your stock levels are perfectly balanced. By accurately tracking inventory, we help reduce waste and ensure that your business can meet demand without excess spending.

Personal Financial Planning

We craft personalized financial plans that cater to your unique goals and circumstances. Our approach ensures a roadmap to financial security and prosperity, helping you confidently navigate life's financial challenges.

Personal Tax

We specialize in personal tax services, offering careful preparation and filing to ensure you meet legal obligations while maximizing returns. Our experts stay abreast of tax laws to optimize your financial outcomes.

QuickBooks Consulting

We offer specialized QuickBooks consulting to streamline your accounting processes. Our experts help customize QuickBooks to fit your business's unique needs, enhancing financial clarity and management efficiency.

QuickBooks Setup

We provide expert QuickBooks setup services, ensuring your accounting system is configured for maximum efficiency. We tailor our setup to your company's specific requirements, including the features and functionalities.

QuickBooks Training

We deliver complete QuickBooks training, empowering you or your staff to manage business finances precisely and confidently. Our training covers all essential features, from basic operations to advanced financial reporting.

Small Business Tax

We offer specialized tax services for small businesses, focusing on compliance, optimization, and strategic filing. To help your company thrive financially, we want to reduce the burden of taxes and maximize your savings.

Tax Advice

Our professional tax advice is individualized based on your specific financial circumstances. Our guidance helps you navigate the complexities of tax laws, ensuring informed decisions that optimize your tax position and financial strategy.

Tax Planning

Reduce your tax burden and increase your savings with the help of our tax planning services. We offer proactive advice and planning to take advantage of tax benefits and reduce your overall tax burden.

Tax Preparation

We ensure careful tax preparation and filing to avoid penalties and maximize returns. To ensure you don't pay more taxes than is required, we take an in-depth strategy that involves looking for any potential deductions and credits.